Springtone Sound is a professional recording facility run by producer, engineer and drummer Oskar Glasbergen. We believe that creativity flows most freely when musicians feel at home, and that a comfortable recording environment will ultimately result in the best productions.

We specialize in producing and capturing sounds that are allowed an edge, from soulful reggae to straight up rock ‘n’ roll. Whether you are a touring band ready to record an album, a singer songwriter working on a new single, or a producer looking to add live drums to an existing song.. we got you. A vintage horn section? Guitar re-amps? We got you.

The studio is situated in the North of Amsterdam, NL, in a charmingly scruffy industrial pocket right between the chilled W.H. Vliegenbos park and the buzzing nightlife on Gedempt Hamerkanaal.


We have a choice selection of vintage analog outboard, instruments, tube amplifiers, ribbon microphones, you name it, collected around a 30 channel SONY console. We can record to 8 track 1/2″ tape, or go 20 track digital through high-end RME and SPL converters. Please get in touch if you want to see a full list of available gear, or if you have any specific requests. We can source pretty much any piece of gear imaginable.



If you’re interested in working with us, want to talk shop, or feel like visiting the studio one day, please don’t hesitate to call or send us a message.

Oskar Glasbergen, Springtone Sound