Oskar Glasbergen, born September 1988, started his career in music early in 2003 at age 14, when he joined the newly formed ska formation ROLF de Band. Over the course of 12 years, ROLF grew out to be a staple of the Amsterdam live scene, having played 250+ energetic live shows, and released 5 records, with Oskar functioning as manager, promotor, booking agent, and studio engineer for 3 of the band’s releases.

In 2010, after having filled in on drums for them prior, Glasbergen joined the eclectic electro-punk outfit Fata ‘el Moustache’ Morgana. After a succesful stint of live shows, the band started writing towards a new album together. Oskar engineered and mixed the demos for the album, which landed them the collaboration with producer Chris Hamilton (UK) for the album sessions in Normany, France.

Glasbergen’s interest in music production was first piqued when ROLF de Band recorded their first EP in 2005, and has developed into ownership and management of a productive studio space in Amsterdam Noord, where he has gathered a seductive collection of vintage gear and microphones. Putting these to work, he engineers and produces many bands and artists with a predilection for general rawness and vintage dirt, or as he likes to call it “gentle saturation”.

Besides studio engineering and music production, Oskar has been on tour teching for Canadian reggae roadhogs The Beatdown, and The Planet Smashers, and does live sound regularly for General Jabbah and synth-pop rockers Blue Marble.


Studio credits include: Jaya the Cat, Milliner, Complicated Men of Leisure, General Jabbah, Akwasi, ROLF de Band, Def Rhymz, Gloria Lewis, Glice, Goeiemiddag, The Beatdown.

Drum credits include: ROLF de Band, Fata “el Moustache” Morgana, DenTex, The Vagary, Jaya the Cat, Akwasi, Goeiemiddag.